Bad Start Cleaning Challenge

     Ok so I mentioned earlier how I was going to do a 14 day cleaning challenge, from the Ask Anna site. However I started off really bad. Yesterday was the first day and I forgot about it. So when I went on and looked it was basically putting Christmas away. Which I got covered. However she also wanted us to deep clean when we did it. I did not and I still have to organize the kids rooms. So I am already behind.
   Today is day 2 of the cleaning challenge and its dusting. Her tip for dusting is to put turtle wax down on your flat surfaces of furniture and buff it off. This is supposed to keep the dust from building up on these surfaces. I am a little skeptic about putting turtle wax on my furniture even if you buff it off like a car. First I have to find out if we have some turtle wax lying around on our carport. If we do I may try this. If not I may just wait and be even more behind on my 14 day challenge.

If you want more tips on cleaning or would like to try the 14 day challenge click below.