14 day challenge FAILED

     So I started a 14 day challenge from the Ask Anna blog. I have failed miserably not being able to keep up with her. So I decided to just start doing an extra organizational or deep clean once a day on my own. Whether it be from the Ask Anna site or others I run across.
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    Today I did one of the 14 day challenges which was cleaning out my email. Oh man did it feel good to have an empty in box. I also cleaned out my linen closet. I have had problems for years with my linen closet so hopefully now that its tidy I can keep it that way. I managed to find one trick to help me organize my closet. You simply put your sheets into the pillowcases they belong to. It makes a world of difference. When I took on four kids I also got four new beds and four extra sets of sheets. So I have a lot of linens and it really did help with organization. My linens don't look as good as the ones shown in the picture but honestly it really works.

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