something to smile about

     Some things I have to smile at lately. Our youngest 5 year old has learned how to hop on one foot. I don't know if this is new for her or not but she hops everywhere she goes. All the kids call me mommy or momma but when she calls me momma she has some kind of accent (almost country), its really cute. My oldest turned 11 yesterday and she is maturing so fast. We had a great conversation yesterday about some of her past and family. I think she is starting to get comfortable and open up more. She is also calling me mommy a whole lot more lately.
     I am also all smiles because of the Christmas Season (my favorite holiday ever). I went to the library and checked out a Christmas movie and several Christmas books. I read one book a night to the kids. It really makes the season so much fun. And its free!!
     I also play Christmas music on the radio and started to bake holiday goodies. This Holiday season always puts me in a better mood. The cooler weather helps (when it is available in FL).