learning as we go...

     I have to say being a new mom of four for only four months now, there are a lot of things I and my husband learn as we go. We had to do some readjusting to our Accountable Kids system we were using. The kids were not earning tickets so they were bored all the time and bugging us. So we rearranged the system and now I think we are all happier. Today is one of the first days we actually got our chores done pretty quick in the morning and we were able to relax around the house, my husband is hitting golf balls in the yard and I am watching a movie with the kids.
     We have learned that our youngest 5 year old girl likes to be sick (?) she likes to take medicine (?) haha... so we have to watch her very closely. Our oldest soon to be 11 year old girl likes to read books, which we knew but since she had moved in she really hadn't been reading much. But if she likes a book she will stay quiet all day till she gets that book read. Our 7 year old boy even though he is small can through a football really good. And our 9 year old girl can do alot if she has the right motivation.

What I have learned about being a mom
Just yesterday I was a:

play toy
Barbie - my girls like to do my hair
director/organizer (who's in the shower first?)
crossing guard
and I am sure there is more

My hats off to Mommy's everywhere!! If anyone says a mom is just a mom they are crazy.