Clean Washing Machine

     I followed the instructions from Ask Anna to clean my washing machine today. It actually worked pretty well. I am glad I did it, I never thought to clean something that cleans things as its job. I knew it was getting some kind of build up on the inside but it wasn't really that bad I thought it was just stained. However I am so glad I cleaned it, it looks like when I got it.

Here are some pictures:

2 cups white vinegar, fill up dishwasher add vinegar, let soak for one hour, then let it run through the cycle.

Scrub it down with a magic eraser, the blog said to use vinegar on a sponge but I did much better with the magic eraser 

Do it all over again with 1 cup of bleach

If you look real up close you can see some not to white areas


I wish my after pictures showed up better but the whole inside is nice and clean and I used a q-tip with the vinegar water that was sitting in the washer when it was soaking and cleaned up all the little corners and creases. It worked really well.  Then I used the magic eraser on the outside of the washer.

The only thing I did different from the instructions is using a magic eraser.