This was our first Christmas with the kids, we actually spent some time with them last year at Christmas but this year was different because they call us mom and dad now. The first thing I learned this Christmas was these are going to be very spoiled kids and next year I can do a little less on the toys and maybe some more attention to clothes and that stuff that you always hated getting as a kid but needed. One thing about the kids is that they do like getting clothes so they enjoy opening up boxes with clothes.
     The holiday festivities were really fun and I enjoyed getting to see family and the kids seemed to fit right in and have a good time. We had a Christmas Eve buffet at my house with my parents who spent the night so they could see the kids open their gifts on Christmas. Then we had Christmas day opening gifts, Church and visiting with family. All went really well. We even had some family time on Monday and the kids were able to see their biological dads parents. Which thankfully worked out pretty well and was not that awkward.
     Some of the gifts we thought the kids would love were duds and some that I thought they would just think are ok they have been playing with constantly for a couple days now. They really love Duct Tape crafts haha...
     Overall I had a great holiday season and one day when our adoption process is finalized I hope to be able to put pictures in with my blog so everyone can see what I am talking about.
     I hope that you had a very good Christmas too!

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