What a difference??

     On one of my more recent posts I had mentioned how my preschooler finally is off the waiting list and into school. I am still not sure whether or not she is learning as much as she was homeschooling with me however she has definitely changed.
     Everyday for the last week there is a different 5 year old coming home then my little sweet baby. She is for some reason got an "I know everything" attitude. She thinks she is the IT! Why is she acting this way??? is it because she thinks she is a big girl now and that's the way they act?? I cant be to sure because the way she is acting isn't even like her older sisters. Thankfully she is home on Fridays (no preschool) so my husband and I had her all to ourselves today. The funny thing is she was back to talking with her sweet little (sometimes baby) voice and all back to normal.
    I am hoping her attitude after she gets home from school will eventually tame itself. I know she is super excited to be going to school and she cant wait to go the next day. So maybe that could have something to do with it.
    I know I am sooo thankful for this Friday with her so I know she is not completely lost to me and she is still my little girl instead of ms. attitude.

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