Our First Road Trip

     This was our first Thanksgiving and our first Road Trip all in one with the kids. The road trip was a success, they are pretty good travelers. The minivan was packed to the max. We had few pit stops and the kids kept fairly occupied. They however never feel asleep not even once. The ride was 6 hours long. I did use some ideas from a website on how to keep them occupied in the car and some of the ideas worked.

1. Let them play with a square of alluminum foil and create things. (this actually worked for about an hour)
2. Road scavenger hunt, it worked for about 3o minutes they really didnt care much about it after that. 
3. The car tag game, worked fairly well especially with our 10 year old. She really enjoyed it. I also participated in this activity and enjoyed it for most the ride there. 
4. Last but not least we let them watch movies in the portable DVD player. 

Of course they took there own toys in the car with some crayons and coloring/activity books. 

Overall we had an uneventful road trip thankfully.

Thanksgiving was good also, but I will save that for another post.