A little taste of the old life

     This week has been the start of a little taste of the old life for me. My 5 year old finally got into preschool at the elementary school where the rest of the kids are at. No more homeschooling although there were days that I really enjoyed the homeschooling. It has only been two days since she started school but it seems like she was learning more at home but then again its only been two days and they are teaching her numbers which I was having a hard time with. I know I only had her home with me for three months but it can be stressful having a five year old following you everywhere when you are not used to it. I miss her not being home but I also enjoy the peace.
     So because of this big change, I find myself having a little taste of the old life. I have no one to watch over during the day but myself and my husband on an occasion when he is home. I noticed I am a little more excited when the kids get home from school then I used to be. I feel like this little refresher of my past freedom has been good for me and is helping keep down some of the stress.

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