in the kitchen..

     I found a meal at dinner time that goes very very far. I quickly learned that cooking for four children plus my husband and I is very different than just cooking for two. We easily go through almost a whole bag of bread just for one meal of sandwiches. The kids like cereal for breakfast every morning. Surprisingly we only go through a gallon of milk a week? still haven't figured that one out, but we go through lots and lots of cereal, probably a box for every two days. I also go through a whole bag of chips for one lunch with the whole family. Not to mention tons and tons of water and crystal light mixes. These are only a few things that I have noticed. 
     But the meal I found out tonight that goes much further then I thought was actually breakfast for dinner. I made scrambled eggs with 1 dozen eggs plus a couple. Then I made 2 packs of bacon. 12 biscuits and then I made hashbrown potatoes that were not even touched but by me and one child. I was surprised that I had 1/2 the eggs leftover, At least 5 pieces of bacon left over and 2 biscuits. And as I said before the potatoes weren't even barely touched. My husband and our 7 year old boy both had two plates of food. This meal will definitely be repeated in the future. Of course when I make less next time they will be starving. That is how it always goes.  

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