What has changed the most?

     What has changed the most is a question I often get. And I really couldn't tell you what has changed the most. My house went from a four bedroom that contained two offices, one for my husband and one for myself and a spare bedroom to all kids rooms with loads of toys. Everything we owned that was stashed into our offices and spare room has been either thrown away, given away or stuffed into a small remote space under a bed or closet.
    Another thing that has changed a lot is routine. No more sleeping in if we want to. We used to be able to do things at night but now our nights are spent at home, helping with homework and getting kids into bed. Little things like a shopping trip on the weekends is suicide. However I do enjoy that I have a purpose every morning (get the kids up and to school on time) a purpose during the day (homeschooling our preschooler) a purpose at night (make sure kids are taking care of and alive :) haha).
     Then their is cooking for 6 people instead of 2. It took me 7 years to get used to cooking for two. Grocery trips twice the amount of food. One kid doesn't like cheese, one kid doesn't really like meat, one doesn't like potato's, one doesn't like veggies. Thankfully God has really blessed me in this aspect even though the kids can be picky (particularly one kid is picky) they have been willing to eat what I cook.
     Laundry, need I say more.
     So I cant really answer what has changed the most because it seems like my whole world has been flipped upside down some days. I guess the really answer would be that the thing that has changed the most is my life.

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