Kitty Adjustments

     Earlier I wrote about how our lives have changed but there are two little furry aspects that have had their little lives flipped upside down, there names are Whisper and Dash our 8 year old cats. When the kids first moved in they would hide away most of the day and only come out when they needed something.
     Thankfully they are slowly getting used to this new lifestyle of little kids running all over the house and wanting to touch them. They now will venture into our oldest child's room and hang out in there. They also come out into the living room now and check out the scene. Today our 5 year old was petting them and loving on them. She was telling them how they needed to help sissy (her) haha with her chores. She didn't get any takers on that. She also was covering them up with blankets yesterday when she thought they were cold. They are certainly loved they just aren't so sure about it yet.
      I know it has been very hard on my feline friends but I am very glad they have come out of their hiding holes and are making an effort to make friends with a few of the kids.